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In Florida, Assault and Battery Charges are often combined and tried together in a court of law, even though they are separate crimes.  Assault Charges can be filed when a person is threatened with physical violence without the action of bodily contact occurring while Battery Charges stem for physical altercations or bodily injury of others.


The Law Office of Brown & Rice, PA is very experienced with all types of Assault and Battery Charges in the Orlando, Florida area, from bar fights to domestic violence disputes.  Because our criminal defense attorneys are former prosecutors themselves, our attorneys are able to anticipate the legal tactics of the prosecutor.  Our valuable experience will lead to a calculated defense strategy designed for your specific individual case.


If you have been charged with one of these crimes, seek the legal advice of an Orlando Assault and Battery Attorney immediately.  When not handled properly and promptly, these types of charges can lead to severe and immediate consequences, including convictions and possible jail or prison time.  Contact the Law Firm of Brown & Rice, PA today for a confidential consultation.


Orlando Attorney for Assault with a Deadly Weapon


Our skilled and experienced attorneys have a wide range of professional experience with criminal assault and battery charges, including but not limited to:


• Assault and Battery with a Firearm


• Assault and Battery with a Deadly Weapon


• Assault and Battery on a Law Enforcement Officer


• Assault and Battery as Separate Crimes


• Assault and Battery as Related to DUI


• Simple Assault and Simple Battery


If not handled properly by an Orlando Assault and Battery Attorney, these types of charges can result in severe penalties and repercussions depending on the nature of your case.  A conviction on an Assault and Battery Charge can negatively affect your current employment position, future employment opportunities, relationships with your family, and even visitation rights with your children.  It is important for these types of charges to be handled correctly and quickly by a professional criminal defense lawyer so that your personal and professional future is not jeopardized.



Assault and Battery on a Law Enforcement Officer


If you are accused of Assault or Battery on a Law Enforcement Officer, the courts consider these to be particularly serious crimes.  These charges should always be handled by a skilled and experienced Orlando Assault and Battery Attorney.  The experienced lawyers of Brown & Rice, PA will make sure that your rights are protected at all times.



To set up your confidential consultation with one of our Orlando assault and battery lawyers, give us a call at (407) 956-2172, or contact us online.


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