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We understand that being accused of a crime is one of the most stressful and possibly terrifying things that can happen to you. If you or a loved one is accused of a crime, read on, or jump to the list of our criminal law practice areas.


As former state prosecutors, we have handled thousands of criminal cases including all degrees of felonies, misdemeanors, and traffic offenses. We have worked on the other side and understand how the prosecutor is likely to pursue your case. We will put our knowledge of the system to work for you to fight for your best possible outcome and ensure that the government does not violate your rights. Speaking of your rights, check out 10 Things You Should Know About Criminal Investigations.


Accused of a Crime? Know Your Rights.


If you are accused of a crime these are some of your most important rights:


The right to refuse to talk to the police.

The right to talk to a lawyer before and during any police questioning.

The right to refuse to a search of your home without a warrant.*

The right to refuse to a search of your car or person without probable cause.*

The right to see a judge within 24 hours of arrest to determine if the police had probable cause to arrest you.

The right to a reasonable bond if you are arrested.**

The right to a speedy trial by a jury of your peers.

The right to be represented by a competent attorney.

The right to be advised of any plea offers made by the prosecutor.

The right to testify or not testify as you wish at trial.

The right to compel witnesses to testify in your defense.

The right to confront and cross-examine witnesses that the government calls to testify against you.


*Violently resisting attempts to illegally search you or your property may result in criminal charges against you. Your attorney may be able to get any evidence collected thrown out after the illegal search.

**Some charges do not qualify for bond, but if bond is set, it must be reasonable.


You should consider talking to an attorney before waiving any of these rights!


Criminal Defense in Seminole, Orange, Volusia, and Osceola Counties


We offer competent, professional, and affordable representation for all criminal charges, including:


Theft / Burglary / Robbery / Shoplifting

Drug Trafficking / Drug Possession / Drug Paraphernalia

Aggravated Assault / Battery

Domestic Violence / Strangulation

Sex Crimes / Internet Sex Crimes

Murder / Attempted Murder

Resisting Officer

Probation Violations

DUI / Reckless Driving / Vehicular Homicide

Suspended License / No License


Leaving the Scene of an accident


If you or a loved one is accused of these or any other crimes, contact us for a confidential initial consultation. We'll be glad to review your case and tell you how we can help. We offer affordable flat fees and flexible payment arrangements.


10 Things You Should Know About Criminal Investigations


1. Contrary to popular belief, undercover police officers do not have to tell you they are police if you ask them.


2. Police officers may use deceit and trickery to induce you to confess. For instance, they may tell you they have evidence against you that does not exist or that someone you know has told them you are guilty.


3. If you are not under arrest or lawfully stopped, you have the right to walk away calmly. Just ask the officer if you are free to go.


4. The police do not have to give you the Miranda warning simply because they arrest you. Anything you spontaneously say to the officer or around the officer can be used against you.


5. As friendly as they may be, police officers will likely use anything they can against you.


6. Even if you are innocent, you should talk to a lawyer before saying anything to the police when you are suspected of committing a crime.


7. If you remain silent, your silence cannot be used against you at trial, however, anything you say may be used against you.


8. You do not have to consent to a search, even if the police tell you they can get a warrant, a drug dog, or search without consent. They may be bluffing. If they can search they will without your consent. Your consent waives your right to challenge the search in court.


9. If you are in jail, the police or prosecutors may talk to your cellmates and listen to your phone calls to try to get admissions to use against you. Do not talk to anyone in the jail or on the phone about your case.


10. You may be upset when the police are arresting you for something you're innocent of, but you'll be a lot more upset if you end up in prison after they convict you of resisting with violence even though they can't prove the original case. Stay calm and do not fight the police.


To set up your confidential consultation with one of our Orlando criminal lawyers, give us a call at (407) 956-2172, or contact us online.



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